Thank you in advance for your  donation to the Pioneer Valley Greens PAC (OCPF ID #80975). Please note that we use your donations to support like-minded political candidates and related electoral activities (see our statement of purpose), so your contributions are not tax deductible.

Please note that in the interest of public financial disclosure and are more open government, we are required by state law to record and report to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance your true name,  your residential address, and the dollar amount of your donation. For donations of $200 or more per year, we must also record and report your occupation (if employed) and the name of your employer

The annual campaign contribution limit for individuals 18 or older* to state political action committees such as ours under current Massachusetts General Law is $500 per calendar year. 

Donations can be made by personal check made out to Pioneer Valley Greens PAC. In the purpose field, please indicate your occupation** and employer, and, if not indicated elsewhere on the check, your residential address. Checks may be mailed to PO BOX 150, North Hatfield MA 01066. And thank you!

One-time and recurring yearly or monthly donations can also be made online by credit card (coming soon). We are unable to accept cash payments at this time (which are also legally limited to $50/year).

*Individuals under 18 are limited to $25/year.

**If you are retired or unemployed, please indicate that instead, and we thank you doubly for your donation. We know how tight money can be and pledge to spend it wisely.